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amavisd-new - Mail virus-scanner

License: GPL
Vendor: django
AMaViS is a program that interfaces a mail transfer agent (MTA) with
one or more virus scanners.

Amavisd-new is a branch created by Mark Martinec that adds serveral
performance and robustness features. It's partly based on
work being done on the official amavisd branch. Please see the
README.amavisd-new-RELNOTES file for a detailed description.


amavisd-new-2.9.0-1.el6.i686 [861 KiB] Changelog by Tomáš Brandýský (2013-01-15):
- new upstream release
- removed support for helper programs amavis.c and amavis-milter.c as they are not longer distributed
  with the package

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